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Probably Won't Help Much But...

...I thought I'd mention this site I ran across over on Google. Here's the link:

Essentially, the concept is that you vote whether to keep your favorite show on the air("yes", "no", or "don't care either way"). Of course, I can't fathom that somebody would vote "no" if their fav show is the focus. Anyway, they (the site maintainers) claim they send the results to the TV folks-in-charge. I went and voted (just for jollies). There were 9 votes in favor of keeping Nightstalker on the air and only 4 against it. I really don't think any network suits would even bat an eye at a poll containing only 13 total votes. Well, I suppose it's just for entertainment purposes by now anyway (since Nightstalker is most likely not coming least, not on ABC). can pop over there and vote if you've got some spare time (or you're super-bored).
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