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Cotter Smith Background Info

Here's some information on Cotter Smith AKA Anthony Vincenzo of Nightstalker fame. Born May 29th, 1949 in D.C. which makes him 56 years old.
Other than Nighstalker, he's most recently completed a sci-fi film called The Sleeper, which was released last year (2005). He also appeared in X2 (X-Men 2) in 2003. Here's the bio-page for Cotter over at IMDb:

And here's the information page at IMDb for the movie The Sleeper:

Sounds like Cotter tends towards sci-fi film roles, but he's also done quite a bit of TV work, most of which are not sci-fi related. Of note, he had re-occurring roles on Judging Amy, Tru Calling, CourtHouse, and L.A. Law. It mentions, on his bio page, that he did an episode of Thirty-Something back in the 80's. Must be where he met future-wife, Mel Harris (they have since divorced). I think Cotter's version of Anthony Vincenzo is okay but much more hard-nosed than (the late) Simon Oakland's version. But, some would say, Cotter's version fits in better w/ the over-all scheme of this new darker-toned Nightstalker. Perhaps more true-to-life, as well. If new episodes are ever made, I hope Cotter returns to play Vincenzo. Overall, I'd say he's a pretty good actor.
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