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Bio On Eric Jungmann

Thought I'd complete these background-info things I've been doing on the main 4 players of Nightstalker. This time its Eric Jungmann's turn. Eric was born December 2, 1981 in Orlando, Florida which makes him 24 (as of this writing).
Besides portraying Jain McManus, ace photographer in the Nightstalker series, Eric also had supporting roles in two films, both were released in 2005. The first is called The Chumscrubber and it's a comedy/drama starring Glenn Close. The other is called Happy Endings and stars, among other notables, Lisa Kudrow and Jason Ritter (son of the late John Ritter). Eric has also done numerous bit parts/supporting roles in TV series. Some notable ones include 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Judging Amy and Walker, Texas Ranger. He even did a Halloween episode for the (now-cancelled) series Eight Simple Rules...So I think Eric will continue to do well and, even if Nighstalker doesn't make a come-back, I think he'll receive other tv/film roles. Here's his bio over at IMDb:

I think Eric did a good job as Jain McManus through Nightstalker's brief run on ABC. I think of that character as a cross between Jimmy Olson(of Superman fame) and one of the Three Horsemen(from X-Files). If Sci-Fi requests new episodes(cross your fingers) for Nightstalker, I feel that Jungmann should continue to play that role.
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