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This Community's Activity Level's're maintainer for this community. As you might have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of action here (other than those posts dealing w/ the passing of Darren McGavin in February). I believe we've lost a couple of members recently, as well (a big "thank you" to those of you who have stayed). I WOULD like to change all of that (the activity level or lack-thereof). But with no new episodes currently being produced (and none planned, to the best of my knowledge)...there really isn't much to discuss! I'm open to discussing the other 4 episodes (the ones that did NOT air on network) when the Nightstalker DVD comes out around May 30th. But until then...does anybody have any suggestions about ways to keep this community more...alive? So far, I've only generated one idea and it goes like this: we all know that Sci-Fi Channel is airing all 10 episodes over the Summer. And, one may assume, based on the response/ratings of those airings, it's entirely possible that they might order up new episodes to be made. My idea was that members here might write up stories (or even general plot out-lines) using the characters from the series. Essentially, it would be like you were an ABC writer...creating the plot and everything for the next episode of Nightstalker!
Well, that's my idea (and, no, I haven't written anything like that yet). Any comments/opinions/suggestions?
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