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Nightstalker DVD Released/Episode 7's me. Long time no see/hear/write (I think my last post here was around April 13th). Anyway, yesterday was the scheduled release date for the Nightstalker DVD (I'm assuming it WAS released as scheduled; I hadn't heard any news to the contrary). So there's three different ways a person might get to view the eps: the from I-Tunes...or watch them on Sci-Fi Channel (supposed to start airing them sometime this month, I think). Now the bad news...I don't have Sci-Fi. I can't down-load anything (Web-Tv). And I can't afford the DVD right now (nor do I have anything to play it on). the same time, I don't want to stand in anybody's way if they feel like discussing the eps. So here's what we'll do: if you'd like to make a comment about Episode 7 (that would be Part 2 of that two-parter; the one w/ the bikers), then leave your comment in this post. The spoiler-thing is really a non-issue to me (at this point in time) you can say what ya like (no profanity, please). For others that don't want to be spoiled, don't read the comments to this post. That's simple. Well, catch ya later!
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