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Update at DarrenMcGavin.Net

I just wanted to re-post the link to this site once again:

It's been updated as recently as March 16th (just two days ago, at this writing). It features a nice tribute/memorial column, with many informative items about Darren (and several things that weren't mentioned in my own tribute last month). It also has a nice synopsis of the funeral services which were held on March 5th. A few observations:

* It mentions Darren's actual birth-name was William Lyle Richardson (I, personally, didn't know that Darren McGavin was a pseudonym).

* It lists his place of birth as Spokane, Washington (so I guess I'll have to concede that IMDb's listing of San Joaquin, California is incorrect)

* The above also syncs w/ a 1973 TV-Guide interview where Darren recalls growing up in the Spokane area. I haven't read all of that particular interview but I've read excerpts where he describes living, as a teen, in abandoned warehouses in Tacoma, Washington. He also mentions that his parents "disappeared". Sounds (to me) like he had a rather rough child-hood.

* The funeral synopsis mentions the back-ground music. One of the numbers was of Darren, himself, singing "Shall We Dance" (he, apparently, was in a stage-production of "The King and I").
* On Darren's Tribute page, a fan/admirer mentions that Darren did an episode of "Tales from the Dark Side". I wasn't aware of that (I used to watch that show many years ago; that's an ep I'd like to see some time).

So pop on over there if you've got a few spare mintues. Also, be sure and click the link (upper-left corner) on that page labeled Darren's Tribute. It mainly has some nice e-mails/notes from many of Darren's fans and admirers.

addendum: Here's the link, at IMDb, to the page describing the ep of Tales from the Dark Side that Darren appears in:

It's an episode titled "Distant Signals" from Season 2 (1985) of that series. This is just a guess...but there's a good chance that that episode is on DVD (along w/ the other eps from that season, of course). In fact, all 4 seasons are probably on DVD by now. I'll need to check over at Amazon about that.

addendum II: Just found this site that has all 4 seaons on 6 DVD's (boxed set). It would cost you about 45 bucks in total (counting the s&h). Here's the link:
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