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This is a community for those interested in discussing/chatting/talking about the new ABC series Nightstalker! Additionally, members may post about the old series from the 1970's(Kolchak: The Nightstalker). Just a few simple guidelines(which are mainly just common sense and common every-day courtesy).
1) Keep it clean! No obscene language(use a substitute word for the "F" word such as "Freakin" "Frickin" "Flippin" and so forth). The point is that you never know what age a person is that is reading your post (possibly a minor).

2) Likewise(and related to no.1) you shouldn't post any pic/photos/images of an adult nature. Ideally, the best images to post would be those related to Nightstalker(either old or new series).

3) Since the new series seems to trend towards gore and adult themes(and most episodes to date have been flagged TV-14), I'm making this an 18-and-over community. Your birthdate in your own personal journal should reflect this. If you're under 18(relative to today's date), then you're out of luck

4) Basically, just try to respect others' opinions.
5)*NEW!*--You may promote a community or site here. The stipulation is that it must deal with Nightstalker (old or new series) or any of its main players. An example of this would be tns05. Included in this would be any fan site/community that deals with the main players of Nightstalker (old or new). An example here would be any of the numerous fan sites for Stuart Townsend that are out on the 'net(I would ask that you NOT post a link to any fan site/community that contains excessive adult content...please use your best judgement on this).